“We started working with Vickie Hafer when we opened our company with three employees in 1998.

At that time, we were on a strict budget and Vickie helped us find new and used furniture to set up our first office.

Vickie has worked with us ever since and has been instrumental in helping OTS Astracon with it’s growing pains.

We now have 35 employees, a 50,000 square foot building, our foruth since 1998.

We were very fortunate to have had Vickie with us the entire way!”

Lori Linser
Director of Operations
OTS Astracon LLC
Charlotte NC

“We have worked with Carolina Interior Works for many years.

They have great design ideas, fair prices, good attention to detail and exceptional customer service.

I would not hesitate in recommending them.”

Gary Smith
ColorID, LLC

“Due to our rapid business expansion, we have had to relocate twice in the past few years.

With all of the complications of moving, the one area that we never had to worry about was getting the correct furniture to fit our new office environment.

We contacted Vickie Hafer from Carolina Interior Works, LLC who exceeded our expectations each time by:

  • Coming on-site to measure each office and work area of both the old and new office.
  • Physically going through our inventory of surplus cubicle parts and determining exactly what we needed.
  • Provided various detailed layouts of each office so we could see how the furniture fit before we ordered it.
  • Provided various choices of furniture that fit our budget constraints.
  • Provided various options of fabric that would match the carpet and décor of the new office.
  • Worked closely with us to schedule the delivery of the new furniture to coincide with our moving dates.

 It was a great pleasure to work with Carolina Interior Works.”

Brian Schreckenghaust
Controller – HFMSE and HFMSC Divisions
Hancock Forest Management

“Vickie Hafer has been Marshall’s office interior designer for over fifteen years.

Wheather your style is classic, traditional mahogany, as are our Corporate Offices, or edgy, urban as are our engineering offices, Vickie can exceed your expectations.

We are currently expanding and updating our front office for the arrival of our new general manager and visits from our international and newly developed domestic customers.

Vickie’s designs are consistent with the fresh ideas and innovative equipment our customers demand and expect.

We are proud to be a client of Vickie Hafer, Carolina Interior Works, LLC, who makes sure that our customer’s first impression is memorable not mediocre!”

Deborah Stuck
CEO – Vice President Operations
Marshall Air Systems, Inc